Worth Beers - Worth Drinking!

Worth Brewery is a small but growing independent brewery with a fine range of beers flooding with flavour. It is based on Worth Way in Keighley, West Yorkshire, UK. Telephone 01535 611914

A Taste Guide

Regular Beers

Alesman or Keighlian Bitter O.G. 1036 ABV 3.7%
A clean, fruity beer with a pungent hop/citrus fruit character. Clean bitter aftertaste.

Wild Boar O.G. 1040 ABV 4%
A malty bitter brewed by arrangement with the Trough Brewery of Bradford which went into liquidation in 1993, having brewed Wild Boar since 1981. Not to be confused with a seasonal beer of the same name, created in 1994 by a major Midlands brewery which then tried to register the name!

Worth Best Bitter O.G. 1045 ABV 4.5%
A deliciously hoppy and aromatic premium bitter.

Knobwillter O.G. 1049 ABV 5.2%
A wheat beer sold mainly in summer. A dry, almost astringent beer with plenty of flavour and a citrus aftertaste. Normally sold clear but can be supplied cloudy for any licensee who wants it that way.

Neary's Stout O.G. 1042 ABV 4.1%
A well rounded and cask conditioned stout to appeal equally to Real Ale enthusiasts and to drinkers of keg stouts. A real three 3 dimensional stout!

Worth Porter O.G. 1045 ABV 4.5%
A full bodied porter made with a generous blend of crystal and chocolate malts and a little roasted unmalted barley. Sold mainly in winter.

Old Toss O.G. 1065 6.5%
A rich dark brew which, the brewers say, could be regarded as a strong stout. Voted beer of the Festival of the 1992 Keighley CAMRA Beer festival, for which it was first created. IMHO it is more like a barley wine but without the sweetness you tend to get in barley wines.

Other Seasonal Beers

Harvest Festival O.G. 1045
A buxom beer overflowing with flavour, and a wonderfully complicated aftertaste. Brewed in September and October. So much character its indecent!

Ruggie's Russet Nectar O.G. 1070 ABV 7.6
Created for the 1994 Keighley CAMRA Beer Festival and promptly won the Beer of the Festival award. Generously hopped and well fermented to get 7.6 ABV from a mere 1070 O.G. and therefore not overpoweringly sweet. A favourite of the brewer - he has even written a song about it!

Santa's Toss O.G. 1080 ABV 8.1
A festive beer for the Christmas season! Wrestle with tastes other beers only hint at.

But dangerously drinkable (or drinkably dangerous).

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