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English Civil War

The English Civil War Society

The English Civil War Society
The Official English Civil War Society pages.
Hampden's Homepage
A Parliamentarian Regiment in the ECWS. Good Regimental History.
Our Scottish Parliamentarian Regiment. This site also has much information on the Scottish Civil Wars 1637 - 1746. This site has been updated yet again and now has a Scottish Wars bulletin board.
Foxe's Foote Index Page
Another ECWS Parliamentarian Regiment's Homepage- part of Fairfax's. URL has been tweaked slightly - the foxindex.htm page is now index.htm.
Overton's - a Company of Fairfax's Regiment.
An ECWS Parliamentarian Regiment.
A King's Army regiment. Photos of musketeers and pikemen looking unhappy at having to fight us!
Tylsley's webpage
Baa! Sorry I had to do that. Another King's Army regiment.
Sir William Pennyman's Regiment of Foote
And another King's Army Regiment in the ECWS.
Sir Thomas Lunsford's Regiment of Foote
Blackwell's Regiment UK site.
A good detailed site with intelligent use of frames.
Sir Thomas Blackwell's Reg't, Third Coy.
An American Company of a ECWS King's Army regiment. Well worth a look


The Sealed Knot

The Sealed Knot, English Civil War Society
SK's Official homepage - URL changed once more - I wish the'd leave a re-direction when they move.
Hutchinsons Regiment
A Sealed Knot Parliamentarian Regiment . The frames have been reduced to a navigation bar which, unusually is on the right. As my browser left justifies it ended up off the screen.
The English Civil War - Earl Rivers Regiment of Foote
Ballards Home Page
An SK Parliamentarian regiment. Promises that some more of the pages will work 'in the new year'....
Robartes' regiment of the Sealed Knot
Another SK Parliamentarian Regiment
Yet another SK Parliamentarian Regiment.
How to be a Musketeer in a Re-enactment Society
Specific to the Sealed Knot , but lots of good info for any reenactment society - epecially but not exclusively for those using matchlock muskets. Also makes a great answer to questions on reenacting with guns from USA based surfers.


Other UK and US Based English Civil War Reenactment Groups

Gordon's homepage - an ECW regiment based in Florida - Good on the History of this Scottish Regiment
Tattershall Trayned Band
SW USA reenactors who do Elizabethean & ECW periods - good instructions on making a matchlock musket. The top level is a little bit sparse but follow the links down - there's some good stuff in there!
The Trayned Bandes of London
Based in Ontario, Virginia and Texas. This group reenacts the late Elizabeathean and early Stuart period leading up to, and including, the English Civil War.


History resources for the English Civil War Period

An excellent site about the Battle of Naseby 1645. This site belongs to Glenn Foard, author of a recent book on Naseby.
HWC, English Civil War
Follow through the pages. An abridged, and slightly idiosyncratic, view of the ECW. Check against another source before using this in your homework. Down again - does this academic site not like working weekends? 31/10/98.
Oliver Cromwell
The Moderne Aviso
US Living History living history publication, seventeenth century. Follow the link to past issues for some interesting articles
English Civil War (1642-1649)
Some notes on the English Civil War. The server can't be found on 21st and 29th March 1998. Last call .....
17th Century Stuff - English Civil War
Jeff Vincents's webpage. Some good articles on clothing, sewing and straw hats - and the Musketeer article.
History English Seventeenth Century.
Well researched information on life in Rowner, near Portsmouth Uk in 1642. A good resource for reenactment information circa the English Civil war.
Monty Python's Oliver Cromwell song
Not authentic but .... This site is up and down (probably worst at weekends) but its still there. Note the date for Marston Moor is wrong.


Crafts and other things.

The Lacemaker's Home Page
Mainly 16th & 17th century lace.
Rialto Archive: Medieval ovens and SCA camp ovens. A collection of posts on ovens and baking.
Anglo Saxon Ovens.
Experiment in Building an Anglo-Saxon Style Oven.
Soap Making... The Way We Used To Do It
Practical soapmaking from someone who had to do it for real.
Some 17th-Century Games


Other Periods


Living History re-Enactor Net
A Register of Living History and Reenactor groups for all periods and all countries. Regiments within a group or society may not be mentioned on this site- you have to follow the links.
This site wass being moved to a new server. I can't find it now - no forwarding address.
Aussie based index of links to reenactor resources. A bit sparse at the moment. However you can instantly add your URL!
The Australasian Register of Living History Organisations - Events Register
Brigantia - Iron Age reenactment society
Reenacting 1st C BC pagan celts.
Britannia The Arthurian Re-enactment Society
Reenacting 5th & 6th century Britain. Good background information on this period.
The Vikings! (N.F.P.S.)
The Vikings - NFPS - UK based - a good source of Rules of Hand-to-Hand Combat which could be of interest to any groups reenacting hand to hand combat.
Viking Age Club.
Đa Engliscan Gesiđas Home Page
Society for all aspects of Anglo-saxon language and culture.
The Far Isles Medieval Society
A historical re-enactment society based in the UK, covering the period 500 to 1600 AD. SCA influenced?
The Lion Rampant
A Medieval Display Society based in England.
De Klauwaerts - Introduction
De Klauwaerts is a medieval re-enactment and living history group focussing on the late 13th century in the Low Countries. Based in central Belgium.
Milites deBec
Living History of Norman Period - UK based. Also includes a mirror of the Bayeux Tapestry and a reenactors registry.
The Grey Company
Based in Perth, Australia, their displays are centered on the so-called Dark Ages of European History (600-1100AD). Includes Grey Company Trebuchet Links.These links go to lots of trebuchet sites, including the modern cow and piano throwers.
Saint Andrew's Noble Order of Royal Scots
- Reenacting the Royal Scottish Court of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, 1561-1567
The Sovereign Rose Constabulary
reenacting the law and disorder of Elizabeathean England
Clann Tartan
Rreenacting Scottish mercenaries in the 30 years war. Based in Minnesota.
Fifer & DrummerNet
A reference site for Fifers and Drummers worldwide.
Butler's Rangers
A Canadian based reeanctment group portraying rangers on the run up to the American revolution 1777-84.
HM 64th Regiment of Foot
A long established large US group reenacting this British regiment in the lead up to the American Revolution .
Historic Manskers Station Frontier Life Center
Mansker's Station Historic Site is a staffed living history site which is maintained by the City of Goodlettesville, Tennessee. The site represents the Station built by Kasper Mansker in the late 18th Century.
The "Official" Unofficial Web Page of Les Coureurs du Bois -
Living History in Illinois, French and Indian Style.
The Fort at No. 4
A museum portraying life in a fort in the 1740-1760 period in New Hampshire.
Companie Franches de la Marine
the Michilimackinac Marines reenacting the F&I wars circa 1750 .
The 74th (Highland) Regiment of Foot in the American Revolution -
The King's Royal Yorkers
Recreate Loyalist soldiers & their families during the American Revolution. They show the Canadian involvement in this conflict.
Wishbone's Home Page
Dedicated to the sharing of information on pre-1840 history, re-enacting and trekking. Mainly Buckskinners.
A website about things Napoleon.
Historical Maritime Society
HMS exists to re-create aspects of British Royal Navy life in the era of the Napoleonic Wars.
A living history village recreating life in 1850's USA.
Reenactment in Sweden and Denmark
Scandinavian (Denmark & Sweden) based American Civil War Society.
A Civil War Reenactors Home Page
American Civil War Reenactment. The parochial authors call their page _The_ Civil War!
The Adjutant's Office
American Military reenactment associated with Living History Museum at Camp Verde Arizona - every day its 1877.
13th Battalion Blackwatch
Royal Highlanders of Canada reenacting WWI
Coalhouse Fort Online
Coalhouse Fort is a Victorian Casemate Fortress on the Banks of the Thames - Doing WWII LH at the fort.
Sir Marmaduke Rawdon's Regiment of Foote
93rd Sutherland Highland Regiment Living History Unit
2d Wisconsin Home Page
Willow Polson's US based magazine - some interesting sample articles which are relevant to several eras.
Also a great list of links - even bigger than mine! Donw on 5th Sept 1998 - also on 31/10/98

History Resources for other eras.

English Heritage - Home Page
Lists of Castles and other English heritage properties with details of each property, but still no events list.
The English Heritage Archaeology Division home page
Info on archaeology for the more in-depth student of history.
History Computerization Project
An amazing directory of places to search for historical information. I thought that this was what search engines were built for. A good resource for the serious History student. Lots of links to document indexes at universities etc.
Reviewers' Consortium
Reviews of history books - not necessarily new books. This resource is intended to give you an idea whether a particular book is worth buying. Check here before you buy, or add your own review.
Living History Newsletter
Muzzle Loader Mailing List
British MuzzleLoaders' Association of Great Britain Black Powder Newsletter
Tapestry Intro page
The Bayeux Tapestry - For those who have forgotten, this is a tapestry showing the events which lead up to the Norman invasion of 1066 and includes the Battle of Hastings.
In August 1628 the royal warship Vasa heeled over and sank on her maiden voyage, before leaving Stockholm harbour. This is the website for the Vasa Museum - a Swedish Mary Rose. The old website was giving a 404 notfound so I had to go searching. No joy using Atla Vista so I used yahoo to find info on travel- sweden- stockholm and then museums. Another example of the care I take to kep these links up to date.
The First Thanksgiving
Folow the links to the first thanksgiving. Facts and recipes related to early Thanksgiving.
Invitation To a Funeral
The Invitation To A Funeral Tour. A free-style jaunt around Restoration London.
Inspired by the novel - Invitation to a Funeral - by Molly Brown. A stunning site containing much info about 17th C life in London. Utilises much research Molly did for her novel but was surplus to requirements. Highly recomended.
Restoration Drama Homepage
Information about the theatre of the English Restoration (1660 to 1700).
Regiments of the British Army: Overview
Info on the British Army - post 1702
Angelcynn - New Anglo-Saxon Helmet Discovered
Lots of info on this important find in Northhants, UK in April 1977. Includes the discovery of a burial of a pagan Anglo-Saxon mounted warrior and his horse in Suffolk.
Tom Apple's Living History WebSite
Tom has reeancted everything from the vikings to WWII. He appears to have settled down on navy and trading party reneactment - interesting site.
Thomas Paine National Historical Assoc.
The title says it all really.


Film - Sharpe

One of the more historically accurate series of films, based in the Napoleonic era. There again, as an extra in Sharpe's Justice, I may be biased.....
Welcome to the Sharpe Information Page
Another Sharpe page - with soundbites.


Mostly US based I'm afraid so I have no personal experience of quality and service, but I have had one comment from one satisfied customer. More comments and recommendations are very welcome.

Syke's Sutlery
There are lots of nice goodies here! Books, clothing, weapons, and cooking equipment.
Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.
Web Catalog for a mail order company supplying 18th and 19th century reproductions for living history.
I had a comment from a satisfied customer who said that " J.Townsend & Sons are a really good supplier for what they have, and that is a lot. I have dealt with them for a couple of years ..... and have never had any problems with them. They are very curteous, helpful, and quick to Deliver!"
Tattershall Arms
A Flagstaff arizona based Suttlery specialising in 16th and 17th C. Guns and accessories.
Fall Creek Suttlery
Specialists in American Civil War and 19th C. Clothes, shoes, tents and Arms all available here.
A nice page on clay pipes from a Canadian claypipe maker.
Pewter Casting Alloys
UK suppliers of Pewter and Tin.
The Brentwood Military Bookworm /DT>
Military books for sale in Essex UK.
Four Seasons tentmasters
Only one piccy and not a a lot of information. You have to send for catalogue.


Keeping This List Up to Date

The trouble with link pages is that they are out of date as soon as you put them on (or before if you just crib them straight from your bookmarks). The low hit rate on some of these sites does not encourage the authors to keep them up overlong. If you have any nice (current) links, I'll be very pleased to receive them. Also if any of these links stop working please email me so that I can remove them. I do try to look at all the sites periodically to check they are still there - see below.

Unless otherwise noted these links were all up on 31st October 1998. New links were added on the 5th September 1998.


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